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1. DID YOU KNOW a Tuna is a family of saltwater predatory fish that comes in a variety of species, Size varies by species as does the range of flesh colour and intensity of flavour.

2. DID YOU KNOW The flavour of tuna tends to be mild, which explains why kids tend to like it better than salmon? Tuna are among the fastest swimming fish in the sea. Tunas are prepared, cooked and packed in a special way such as BRUNSWICK®  tunas.

3. DID YOU KNOW Tuna is mainly founds in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Indian Ocean. Skipjack, Albacore, and Yellowfin, the principle species used for canning, tend to be found around the two tropics. Tuna is canned throughout the world with the main source of BRUNSWICK®  tuna being Thailand.

4. DID YOU KNOW Tuna live in the open sea rather than near the shore? For the most part, they stay in the upper layer of water called the mixed layer. The mixed layer is warmed by the sun and air, stirred by the wind and waves, and is a rich environment for tuna. Tuna reside in warm water.

5. DID YOU KNOW Tuna is a WARM-BLOOODED fish? Tuna are not cold-blooded as most fish, but have a system whereby they maintain their temperature a few degrees warmer than the water. As warm blood returns to the gills to get more oxygen, it passes close to cooler blood coming from the gills. As they pass, the warmth is transferred to the cooler oxygen-rich blood.

6. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna is fished mainly by pole and line, long-line, and purse seines? Once tuna are landed they are immediately frozen. At the cannery the tuna are thawed and cleaned; pre-cooked; filleted; packed into cans; salt, water, broth oil or sauce flavour are then added; the can is then sealed and pressure cooked in retort (very hot) ovens to ensure proper sterilization and final cooking.

7. DID YOU KNOW All BRUNSWICK®tuna products on the shelf today are certified dolphin friendly and the labels on our products proudly display the “dolphin friendly” indication symbol?

8. DID YOU KNOW All BRUNSWICK®  tuna is wild caught? Canned tuna is often made from skipjack, yellowfin and albacore. Only Bluefin, used for sushi grade tuna, is farmed, and this is relatively rare.

9. DID YOU KINOW BRUNSWICK®  offers a variety of canned seafood products, and although canning and cooking methods vary from one product to another, they must all pass strict quality control measures before they earn the privilege of wearing the BRUNSWICK® label.

10. DID YOU KNOW You can expect great looking, great tasting products – can after can after can. That’s because our Quality Assurance team makes sure they meet the industry leading standards we have set for our products. Only on their approval does the product get shipped to the warehouse, the marketplace, and your table. Routine regulatory audits confirm this high level of product safety and quality, year after year.

11. DID YOU KNOW The combination of industry experience, science based quality assurance systems and inspection throughout the life cycle of our products is your guarantee of the safety and high quality you’ve come to expect from a brand leader like BRUNSWICK®!

12. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna is a warm water fish, with majority of commercial catch coming from Tropical waters?

13. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna is the most common type of tuna fishing vessel, the purse seiner, is equipped to freeze tuna immediately after they are caught, in order to retain optimum freshness.

14. DID YOU KNOW The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings of fish per week? Eating fish and seafood like BRUNSWICK®  canned products is a smart choice when you consider all the nutritional benefits.

15. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna has developed a number of delicious recipes to help you and your family enjoy these products more often? Recipes are listed in the Recipes section at

16. DID YOU KNOW nutritional information is available for BRUNSWICK®  Tuna at

17. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna do not contain MSG (monosodium glutamate)?

18. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tunas are gluten-free?

19. DID YOU KNOW For more than 100 years, BRUNSWICK®  set the standard in quality seafood? As an industry leader, BRUNSWICK®  is also committed to leading the way in preserving the world’s aquatic resources for future generations.



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