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Did You Know

1. DID YOU KNOW For more than 100 years, BRUNSWICK®  set the standard in quality seafood? As an industry leader, BRUNSWICK®  is also committed to leading the way in preserving the world’s aquatic resources for future generations.


2. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna, Sardine, and Seafoods Snaks are gluten-free


3. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna, Sardine, and Seafoods Snacks do not contain MSG (monosodium glutamate)


4. DID YOU KNOW nutritional information is available for BRUNSWICK®  Tuna, Sardine, and Seafoods Snacks at


5. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  Tuna, Sardine, and Seafoods Snacks has developed a number of delicious recipes to help you and your family enjoy these products more often. Recipes are listed in the Recipes section at


6. DID YOU KNOW The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings of fish per week. Eating fish and seafood like BRUNSWICK®  canned products is a smart choice when you consider all the nutritional benefits.


7. DID YOU KNOW ISSF'S mission is to undertake science-based initiatives for the long term sustainability of tuna stocks, reduction of by-catch and promotion of ecosystem health, largely by supporting the conservation recommendations of tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations' (RFMO) scientific committees?


8. DID YOU KNOW The ISSF, with the market power of its participants, is committed to bringing about positive change in the management of tuna fisheries? In its first year of existence, ISSF participants:

• Agreed to not purchase from vessels engaging in illegal, unreported, & unregulated fishing;

• Agreed to trace-ability standards for “capture to plate” tracking;

• Provided RFMO’s access to fishing data;

• Positively influenced conservation measures for eastern Pacific Bigeye;

• Pledged funds for Sea Turtle conservation in long line fishing;

• Urged the Atlantic RFMO to enact conservation measures for North Atlantic albacore and to perform stock assessments of Mediterranean albacore.


9. DID YOU KNOW BRUNSWICK®  is on the forefront of tackling the issue of sustainability? In business since the late 1800’s, we are confident that our leadership and our actions will ensure the long term sustainability of the fisheries we depend on.

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